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New Years Resolution

Happy 2018!!!!!

I honestly can't believe how fast this year flew by. It seems each year that passes since starting college goes by faster and faster; I don't want it to be over!

Recently one of my blogger friends, Allie, tagged me in a post titled "New Year, New Goals" in which you make a post with your top 3 accomplishments of 2017, top 3 goals for 2018, top 3 favorite memories of 2017, and top 3 small self-improvements for 2018. I hope you enjoy reading mine and I look forward to reading everyone else's!

My Top 3 Accomplishments Of 2017:

1. Reuniting my family! If you didn't catch my latest post, a few days ago I was able to figure out, contact, and begin to form a relationship with my dad's biological mother, sister, and nieces (which makes them my biological grandmother, aunt, and cousins.) Talk about an accomplishment! Read my blog post about this:

2. Really starting to dive into my profession. When I first started school, I really had no idea what profession I wanted to go into. I actually switched my major from Journalism to English to now Education. My advice to anyone else out there struggling to decide on a major or career path is to think back to what you've always loved to do since you were a child. I've always loved to read and help others, so becoming an English teacher seems to fit perfectly. Way too many people seem to only focus on the amount of money they're going to make, instead, we should all strive to find career's that will make us happy- in the end, being happy really is all that matters.

3. Starting this blog. Although starting a blog may seem like a small feat to some, for me it's really been an accomplishment. I've always loved to read and write but starting school has taken me away from the creative side of it and forced me to instead focus on the academic side of it. Through this blog, I've been able to share and read thoughts, experiences, and advice creatively and I am so happy.

My Top 3 Goals For 2018:

1. Continue to get high grades in all my courses. I have always been the kind of student that works my booty off. I study, do all of my homework, and earn the grades that I work for and I'm hoping to keep that up, especially since I'm halfway done with my Junior year now! Crazy!

2. Explore the West Coast more. This is actually my biggest goal for 2018 and one I'm really going to work on. One of the reasons I chose Arizona for college was so I could travel, hike, and explore the beautiful West Coast. Unfortunately, I became so wrapped up in the life I made for myself in Tucson  that I forgot to take time to go on road trips and random weekend hiking trips.

3. Work on making this blog better. I hope to make it easier to read through editing the settings/ layout, to add advertisements/ links that will help you all access any products I talk about or recommend, and to post more often (I tend to post 3 posts in a row and then not post again for a few months- I'm working on it!)

My Top Memories Of 2017:

Spending time with my best friends. The absolute best part of college is meeting your forever people; words cannot express how grateful I am for the people I've met at school and the experiences we've had. Sure college is known for being the best time of your life due to all the parties, but really what makes the parties so great are the people you get to go with. Some of my best memories are getting ready and pregaming with a small group of my best girlfriends.

Spending time with family. My family is truly what makes me happy and I'm lucky to be so close to them. This past summer was another one for the books filled with surfing behind the boat, soaking in the hot sun on the dock, and swimming in the lake filled with minerals and cute little fish. Another unforgettable memory this year was getting to go to Hawaii and nanny my baby cousin in April; the resort we stayed at was the Four Seasons in Oahu and let me tell you, it was breathtaking (babies AND laying on the beach... does it get any better?!)

My Top 3 Small Self- Improvements For 2018:

1. Read more. I used to LOVE to read for fun but unfortunately lost this habit since starting college. My hope is to get back into reading a little bit every day.

2. Try to care less about what other's say/ their actions. I've always been a super sensitive person which means I get my feelings hurt easily and that I tend to tell someone when I think they wronged me or someone I am close to. Recently, my mom forwarded me an email (if you think I'm sensitive you should meet my mom) which had some really great pointers on this. "What people say and do to you is much more about them, than you. People's reactions to you are about their perspectives, wounds, and experiences. Whether people think you're amazing or believe you're the worst, again, is more about them and how they view the world...the incredible amount of hurt, disappointment, and sadness in our lives come directly from our tendency to take things personally. In most cases, it's far more productive and healthy to let go of other peoples good or bad opinions of you and to operate with your own intuition and wisdom as your guide... responses like why can't other people be better are not healthy or helpful..."

3. To complain less. One of my favorite quotes is "When you feel yourself complaining about something stop and think about how much worse your life could really be and all the blessings you have."

Whether you have a blog, Instagram, or just want to share in a comment on this post, let me know your 2018 resolutions! 


Check out Allie's blog:


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